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Will I get a job after learning from this portal?

If you seriously did the training and developed good knowledge, you will definitely get a good job.

Do you provide internship after completing this training?

We don’t provide the Internship, but there are many organisations who provide the Internship. By the way you may not need the formal internship if you have learnt well from this portal. Go through the Tutorials, Hands-on, Exercises and Try-it-yourself repeatedly and solve the problems mentioned yourself, you may not need any formal internship.

What are the job prospects after this training?

Job opportunities are plenty. If you have good knowledge you can easily get a job of your choice.

What are the types of jobs available after training?

There are variety of jobs available in market. Jobs like Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Analyst etc. are in huge demand.

Do you assist in getting a job?

No. Neither we provide nor we assist, but yes if some requirement comes our way we definitely recommend those jobs to the deserving candidates.

Will I get a job only in my country or other countries?

That is the best part of this. One can get a job in any country. Every country has huge requirement of trained and competent people. So this is the right time to learn and get into it.

Do I need to go for further learning/training in AI/ML to get a better job?

It is always good to have as much knowledge as possible. Better knowledge definitely improves your chances of better job.

Which Industries/sectors, I can get a job?

Every sector has good demand of trained and competent people. Moreover sectors/companies if not yet started using AI/ML want/need to start using AI/ML in their own way. Sectors like Manufacturing, Medical/Hospital, Hospitality, Banking, Logistics, Pharmaceutical etc. have huge demand of skilled manpower.

I am a graduate only still can I learn and get a job in this?

Yes, why not. Anybody can learn and develop this skill with training and practice. After having reasonably good skill one can easily get a good job.

Is there any special qualification requirement for this training?

No. So long as you can learn and develop this skill you can become a good AI/ML Professional and can get a decent job anywhere in the world.