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Artificial Intelligence

The future depends on how competent you are in AI ML. If the AI knowledge is good, the future is definitely going to be good ...A renowned AI Expert.

Data science

AI/ML is going to change the style of working for everybody. It is just a matter of time and the entire working will become AI/ML oriented.

Machine Learning

AI/ML has entered into every facet of human being be it Manufacturing, Retail, Health care, Logistics,Banking etc. etc. So whatever one does one has to handle /deal with AI/ML directly or indirectly

AI & ML is the future! Learn it now or never !

AI/ML portal is for every Data Science enthusiast. Complete course on Data Science has been included. It is recommended to start learning AI/ML topic by topic(from top). Even a person who has no knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML) can also learn and make lucrative career in this ever booming state of the art technology . One can start as a beginner and go on to learn and become an AI/ML professional. He/she can make an excellent career in this fast emerging technology....

This is the right time to learn AI/ML with MLMD ( and make career brighter.   




Tutorials are lessons on various topics. One can select any topic and click its tutorial to learn that topic. One can repeat the topic as many times as he/she wants.

  • Tutorials are self-explainatory and easy to understand.
  • Beginner must start from the First tutorial and go learning all the topics.
  • Good & Clear understanding is necessary of the topic to become a Professional.
  • Voice Over (provided) helps the learner to comprehend the concepts easily.
  • Terms like Data Science, Data Wrangling etc. used for Data Pre-processing are covered in detail for better clarity
  • Repeat the topic till you are clear and confident



Hands-On is very helpful for the learner. The learner can see for himself as to how the actual steps are taken to get the desired result.

  • Hands-on are provided for every tutorial and provides better & more clarity. Without hands-on it may be difficult to have proper understanding, therefore it is necessary to repeat every hands-on to gain clarity/
  • With hands-on, one gets better understanding
  • One can follow and perform the same steps on his own to learn it.
  • Hands-on gives feeling as if you are doing it yourself.
  • More repetions gives better understanding/clarity.
  • One can repeat the topic as many times as one wants.
  • Hands-on has proved to be the most effective way of learning.



Exercises are very helpful to understand very AI/ML from scratch. Even the very basic method enables the beginner to start learning without any problem.

  • Exercises enables the learner to learn and practice.  
  • More practice one does, more confidence one gets
  • Try to find more such exercises and practice for detailed understanding
  • More practice gives more confidence
  • This practice wll help you to handle real life problems



Try-it-Yourself make the learner ready for the job. It is recommended that one must practice it well.Repeat practice will be helpful for every learner to gain the confidence. Infact this is like the internship. 

  • Try-it-Yourself inculcates complete confidence in the individual
  • Repeat the Try-it-Yourself till you are confident
  • Confidence comes with practice only
  • If your concepts are clear, try it yourself option firther enhances the command
  • Confidence is some thing which is very essetial
  • More practice provides more confidence


Knowledge Bank

Knowledge Bank a repository created for everybody. This repository has artices written by experts in their own areas. In consists articles not only from Data Science but various other technical areas Bio-technology, Pharamaceuticals etc.

  • Knowledge Bank is a huge repository of articles on various topics for Knowledge and its Enhancement
  • Topics for everyone (Right from the Beginner to Experts) have been included
  • Articles provided are written by experts in their fields.
  • Articles are original as presented. No editing has been done from ourside.
  • This is an ever increasing bank with latest articles on latest technology



Services are provided to those organisations who do not have time to do it themselves. In view of this following services are provided. One can contact us for the type of service one needs. 

  • Corporate Training in AI & ML
  • Turn Key Projects
  • Consulting
  • Etc.

We are planning to start Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS), so that all those who want to make use of AI/ML can opt for this service and make a beginning.



Corporate Training

Organisations interested in getting their staff trained in AI/ML may get in touch for a customised training. Following areas are covered with clear goal for enabling them to become AI starters for the organisation.

  • An Overview of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Applications of Machine Learning and Advanced Analytical Techniques
  • Basic Concepts and Types of Learning – Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning
  • Supervised Learning and Techniques in Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning and Techniques in Unsupervised Learning
  • An Orientation to Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence


Turn Key Projects

We closely interact and craft AI solution that works and improves the working of the organisation.

Services offered are- 

  • A brief exposure to Senior Execiutives/Management about AI/ML with a Demo/Presentation.
  • Interested in embracing AI/ML, services may be provided with a roadmap.
  • Interested in knowing what AI/ML is, and how it will help/benefit their organisation.
  • Basic Concepts like Statistics, Analytics and Business Intelligence may be provided.
  • Guidance may be provided for Staffing (Recriuitment/Selection)
  • Consultancy may be provided for integrating AI/ML with exisiting Systems

Project reports may be prepared/presented for the companies about how AI/ML can be adopted by the Company



Consulting services may be provided to:

  • Empower the businesses to learn explore AI & ML
  • Identify Areas for AI & ML
  • Jointly develop and implement AI strategy
  • Customised services may be provided as per the requirements.



Mentoring services helps in following ways:

  • Skill Enhancement
  • Brings out Hidden talent in you
  • Improves problem-solving skills
  • Confidence Improvement
  • Analytical Skill Improvement
  • Helps in finding suitable Job