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Mentoring Services are provided !

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” — Bob Proctor, Expert in Mentoring

MLMD provides mentorship for the benefit of AI/ML learners.
Experts are empanelled to provide this service.
Ordinary things are done by everybody , but extraordinary things are done only by extraordinary people.
A mentor digs out that X factor from within you to become an extraordinary person who does extraordinary things.
Those who receive mentoring become promising in getting a job easily. If already in job the mentee is likely to get promoted over others. One will get to know about himself better which is called self-awareness that helps you exploit your strengths and handle your weaknesses more effectively.
Being consistent in the development of new ways of thinking that improves problem-solving skills in the real world.

           Benefits of Mentoring:

Skill Enhancement

  • Skill Enhancement is necessary
  • With that, everything in genral Improves
  • Skill Enhancement is an on-going process
  • There is no end to improvement
  • More improvement enhances one's skill
  • AI/ML, being new field improvements are taking place on regular basis




Brings out Hidden talent in you

  • Every individual has some unique talent
  • Generally it is diffcult to identify that talent by the person himself
  • Role of a Mentor therefor becomes vey important
  • Mentor will identify that unidentified talent
  • Mentor makes the person aware of that
  • Mentor helps in understanding that talent and how to exploit it
  • Mentor helps in developing AI/ML learning interest in you



Problem-solving skills

  • Problem Solving is always a challenge
  • Mentor is there to help the Mentee to handle/solve the problem
  • Mentor and Mentee should have good understanding
  • Problems may come from different areas and Mentee must try to solve the problem himself
  • Mentor must ensure that mentee is capable of handling such problems



Confidence Improvement

  • Confidence is very important to get the success
  • Mentor's responsibility is to inculcate that Confidence in the mentee
  • Some people lack confidence in that case mentor's role becomes important
  • Confidence is some thing which is very essetial
  • More practice provides more confidence




Analytical Skill Improvement

  • Analytical Skill is crtical for the success
  • Analytical skill must improve to rise in the ladder
  • Mentor plays a crucial role in the initial stages
  • Better analytical skill hellps enhance the wisdom





Suitability of Job

  • Every body may not be able to learn and work in AI & ML
  • Mentor therefore is primarily responsible to guide whether AI/ML is for him or not
  • Mentor must try to identify the real traits in the individual
  • Mentor should be free, frank and honest to provide correct advise




Help Learner get a job

  • Mentor must help the learner get a job in AI & ML arena
  • Being an upcoming field huge demand for AI/ML professionals is there
  • Mentor must groom the learner in a way, so that he gets job of choice
  • Mentor must also aprise the learner the suitable opportunities




Help improve the Resume

  • Resume is the first thing that the employer looks at
  • Mentor must help in writing/improving the Resume
  • Strenghts of the aplicant must be highlighted
  • Not only in first job but even after if the individual wants may contact the Mentor




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