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Consulting in AI/ML

Consulting is required by companies who need guidance with the objective of making their  organisation oriented towards Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It enables companies to start their AI/ML journey as equickly as they can and adopt this state of the art technology.

Consulting may be provided in the following areas:

  • Creating AI/ML Awareness Campaign
  • Developing AI strategy
  • Making AI Roadmap for effective implementation
  • Staffing 
  • Etc.


AI awareness is the first step towards AI orientation. All the concerned must have fairly good idea of AI. A Seminar kind  of training / discussion may be organised so that the staff gets necessary awareness of AI.


AI Strategy needs to be formulated so as to get the success in the shortest possible time. Without a proper strategy AI implmentation may lead to confusion and ultimately may fail. Therefore AI strategy must be formulated by involving all the concerned including senior management.


AI Road Pap is closely associated with AI strategy. Once strategy is formulated, the steps involved must be dicussed and finalised with involvement and fixation of resonsiblity of a larger group.


AI Staffing is critical. People involved or going to be involved must have a good bent of mind towards success of AI. No strategy or plan may become successful without active interest of the concerned staff members.If the organisation does not have like minded staff , they may induct people from outside. Success is must and comes only with right brains involvement.